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When I was a kid I loved to have tea time with my little dollies -- Madison and Theodore.  There was something magical about Saturday afternoons on the lawn, especially when my pappa would come and join the dollies and me for tea.  We would have a grand old time with our teacups full of cream and our saucers full of secrets.  I guess little Suzie Jeffers of Alpharetta must have thought the same thing on Saturday, July 3, when her daddy sat for tea with her and her dollies.

Except Suzie wasn't serving tea, the dollies were stuck full of pins and chicken bones and daddy was dead.  But I guess little Suzie didn't mind too much, because somebody had spooned out her eyeballs with a carrot peeler, hot glued her tongue to the roof of her mouth and nailed her hands to the table.  And they say the yanks don't have any family values.

Reported by N. Formation, Clan Nosferatu, Morocco.


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