Highlights from the Last Event

August 2001

The public concert by the pop band N'Sync may well be the most notable event to occur in Atlanta for years. Not only did members of the band perform graphic displays of sexual self-gratification, but the member of the audience went into a veritable frenzy of violence as the rioted and attacked each other in gangster style hits. Also there were numerous reports of a man with three eyes being chased by a man with seven fingers. What is immortality for, if not to behave like an imbecile?

Speaking of imbeciles, Archon Wintrhop appeared in the city and bestowed his Blessing of the Camarilla upon the Brujah Primogen, Dr Kyle Rickman. Dr Rickman was almost immediately attacked by hidden Sabbat agents. Is this bit of ribbon and gold truly a blessing or a curse?

But Atlanta was blessed by visits from other notable dignitaries in August, as several Tremere Executives from high in the corporation conducted secret meetings with the local branch of the Tremere pyramid. Mr Gaunt, acting as Regent Pro Temps for the absent Dr Vernon Nalcon, was deposed by these outsider Tremere and Charles Chauvin was elevated to the post of Regent of the Atlanta Chantry. Perhaps this is why Mr Gaunt was seen skulking about with the body of a Gangrel later in the evening? Who can glean the enigmatic ways of the Tremere.

Big Mike put the beatdown on the Gangrel known as Bear. None know for sure why Bear attacked Big Mike, but the Malkavian swiftly put the Gangrel in his place. Big Mike is not a Cainite to be trifled with. In the confusion, Bear's body disappeared. What good is a Gangrel in Torpor, anyway?

Speaking of Gangrel, Sarah Silkspinner, the Gangrel Primogen, couldn't seem to keep it together in the August Primogen meeting. Muttering to herself, fidgeting in her chair and generally looking as uncomfortable as a canary in a cathouse, the usually soft-spoken Primogen excused herself early from the meeting. Of course, maybe it was nothing more than the love of money that drove her mad, as she is rumored to have run the table on some high stakes games of poker later in the night.

The August moon must have had its way with the more animalistic bloodline, because the fun with the wolf-loving isn't over. Two new furbags made an appearance this month, a Benjamin Carlisle and Kreopolis the Greek. Did you know that Kreopolis meant "butcher?" Well don't worry, if you meet him he will be sure to tell you. Apparently his master only taught that dog three tricks. Both of the new Gangrel drew a whole lot of attention from the Ventrue known as Quincy McLintock. Apparently suspecting that they were not who they claimed, Quincy hired the Toreador Catherine DesForges to give them a thorough going over with Auspex. Catherine was clearly the right choice for the job since she had just been elevated to the position of Scribe for the city of Atlanta, no doubt for her mastery of Auspex. Apparently not satisfied, however, Quincy broke Elysium to use his powers of Dominate to force out of Kreopolis the information that he sought. Don't know what got into that Ventrue to make him so edgy. Maybe he should watch what he eats?

But Quincy wasn't the only one interested in the Greek Gangrel Kreopolis, as apparently the Tzimisce Sabbat Warlord from Orlando, Kristoff, sent agents to Atlanta to make sure Kreopolis took a permanent dirt nap. Although there was a pitiful investigation into the matter, including the explosive destruction of a Kindred named Bernie, little useful information was discovered. What could be so inspirational about a new Gangrel neonate? Maybe ol' Kristoff just can't stand anyone else having a "Kr" name.

Speaking of Sabbat, rumor has it that the Tremere Elders from Dallas have placed a bounty on the head of the rogue Tremere known as Richard Strauss. Of course, I have yet to see proof that he is either Sabbat or Rogue. Maybe he just forgot to pay his membership dues?

Oh, and another tidbit about Big Mike; his ghoul, James Gravino, apparently told some bald faced lies to the visiting Archon. Maybe Big Mike has been using his boy as a punching bag and it has addled his wits.

I know we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief to learn that Jacques Vachon returned safely to the city this month, despite the doom saying of Penelope Waters. Of course, rumour has it that he wandered off down into the sewers, so maybe the prodigal Toreador wasn't completely undamaged by his brief absence?

Howard A Dunwich was seen madly pounding away on his typewriter as he talked with Sheriff David Kendrick. Could there be a connection to the appearance of Isabella Fibonacci?

Finally, many members of Cainite society were surprised to see the limping and alarmingly aged proprietor of the Manor, Alastor Legatus. The proprietor of that most elegant of clubs must have missed a meal or two over the course of the last few weeks and is certainly looking the worse for wear. A fine specimen of property, it would be a shame for him to go to dust. Perhaps some other in the city will sponsor him?


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