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This month's Gathering began with a stand-in Prince. The absence of David Kendrick gave to Doc Valentine as acting Prince for December. The opening announcements were much the same as always, and the individual clans departed for their regularly scheduled meetings. The most significant item of interest to the start of the Gathering was the news that Detective Lee had been suspended… And who wasn't upset by this news? I think we can all remember the good and informative discussions that Lee has had with us in the past over Kindred/police interactions… Oh wait. If Detective Lee was talking to you, it wasn't a good thing. Would he be missed? Probably not. Is he a necessary pain in the butt? Yes, yes he is. It was soon discovered that he had been suspended by Police Commissioner Robert Wilson himself after a kidnapping attempt on Wilson last month. I had heard that the kidnapping was successful, but apparently, Wilson's a slippery little piggy. Wilson blamed Lee directly for the lack of security and the rest is a no-brainer.

Shortly after the beginning of the Gathering, there was a loud boom that reverberated throughout the Arts Exchange. Despite the power necessary to create such a loud sonic blast from an apparently long distance, most Kindred just shrugged their shoulders and went on about their business. Way to keep the city safe for Kindred affairs guys, while we're at it, let's set up a row of recliners in front of the Society of Leopold, kick back, and enjoy a bloodwiser. <sigh> Still, sincere Kudos to those that heard a sonic boom in a metropolitan area and actually thought, ‘What's that girl? Timmy's playing with TNT?'

Strangely, at some point in the night, Commissioner Robert Wilson decided to make his way to his office to resign from his position in the police force. His last act as Commissioner you ask? Why, reinstating Detective Lee to active duty of course. It sure is nice that a friendly little chat with a few Kindred can change a man's attitude so effectively… Of course, it would have nothing to do with the fact that Wilson was actually a hard-hitting (and I do mean hard) Nosferatu Diaberlist that digested his Sire, one of the members of the Rominov family, soon after his embrace. Nor anything to do with the ‘friendly chat' involving a good staking and returning to clan Nosferatu for an impromptu, permanent funeral for Mr. Wilson and sympathy to the Rominov family. I'd send a fruit basket myself, but I'm fresh out of blood oranges. One last note here, Hip-Hip-Hooray to our dear Scourge Heimish for effectively fulfilling his job-title!

Tit for Tat, our Interfaith Church problems are finally solved! …but, we traded ‘em in for one large Shadow problem. The Church of His Divine Shadow has apparently gotten a wee bit tired of theological competition. The large boom heard earlier in the evening was in fact not the sound of adolescent mischief, but instead the ENTIRE Interfail Church complex being sucked into the earth. A small Kindred reconnaissance team found the largest single battle this side of a Mongol invasion. Dead shadow matter, dismembered Interfaith personnel, and broken gilded/silvered weapons littered the playing field. Only a few Interfaith members were rescued for questioning, but little of their sanity remained intact. With the power to sink an entire complex and slaughter all inside, a direct Kindred/Shadow conflict will be sure to send your humble record keeper on vacation to Antarctica, where it will be bright and sun shiny until at least May. I'll take my chances with the big yellow ball.

Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, and maybe a few others came and went this month. We were gifted with no more Interfaith, a good Scourge, a huge Shadow thingie, and Detective Lee's back… There's probably a reason that the undead don't celebrate religious holidays. Can we give some of these back, or would that be rude?


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