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Well, well, well kiddies. The Kindred of Atlanta sure were busy this month. The Gathering began with our esteemed Prince David Kendrick declaring his gratefulness that the Interfaith Center was destroyed, but reminded us that the Shadow Church was still going to be a huge problem that none of us should forget about. The announcements then broke up and the Kindred were free to go about their business.

Isn't the natural instinct of the Gangrel to hang out in the woods with Ghoul fleas and tree-marking? They come into civilization and things go to shit. Well, for one reason or another the Gangrel gave us some more trouble this month. Apparently, Thorn, the former Gangrel Primogen, had attacked a man working at the Shadow Church petting zoo last month. Somehow or another, this man had tracked Thorn down and followed him to the Arts Exchange. The petting zoo man demanded the right to beat Thorn into torpor, which Thorn promptly granted him. Shadow Church members seem to have a strong desire for revenge because torporing Thorn wasn't good enough for the man and he began to declare that “they” were coming and it wouldn't matter anyway because the Kindred would all be dead. Combat quickly ensued and although it took many swings, the man, his large dog, and a shadow-ferret were eventually all killed. Thorn's body was picked up by David Kendrick, who decided that bringing others back to Elysium grounds constituted a breach of the Masquerade. Thorn was to be talked to <cough> <blood bound> <cough> and released.

Found wandering the Elysium grounds at some point in the night was an ancient Aztec Kindred warrior. The mere fact that this individual required three adjectives to describe kind of made it obvious that he was one bad hombre. The warrior was named Teoyaomqui and little of his sanity remained intact. Maybe it had to do with the fact that half of his body was infected with shadow taint.

All this shadow trouble spurned more investigation and action into the Shadow Church. A small group was sent out to investigate a possible Shadow stronghold and after going to the wrong address first (who was the idiot driving again?) they found the right place. It was a small warehouse belonging to the Shadow Church. The building was occupied by several members of a cleaning crew and one Bishop of the Shadow Church that knew very little of his own religion… Eeh Gads man, don't religions come with a set of instructions anymore? Anyway, after little to no threat was determined, an obsidian altar was smashed to bits and the crew was headed back to Elysium to follow Kendrick and the rest of the city into…. Dun, dun, dun… The sewers.

Although exact details are sketchy, what? Well I wasn't going down there. It's dark! Anyway, Teoyaomqui was defeated and two magical swords of his were recovered by two of the city's Kindred. One glowed brightly enough to kill minor shadows that got too close; the other was made of Obsidian and dealt insane amounts of damage to shadow creatures. Ultimately, the daylight was soon in coming and both Kindred and Shadow agreed that they'd have to finish this another time. It sure is nice when two hated enemies can agree on something.

Also that night, a laboratory that was doing experiments on puppies was raided. The animals were liberated, and one unfortunate intern was riddled with bullets and… A nail? Okay, that's just sick and has to stop.


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