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Fahrenheit 451

Book burnings are back in swing in the deep south. That's right, just around the corner from park that hosted the Olympic village, a firestorm raged and gutted the "Power of the Pyramid" New Age and Occult bookshop. Although the bookshop was alleged to have ownership ties to that failing secret society known as the Masons, the lodge next door was untouched by the blaze. Authorities have not confirmed whether accelerants were used in the blaze, thus making the case for arson, our sources have confirmed that the following phrase was scrawled with a charred timber on the sidewalk in front of the burned out shell of building -- "Every flame that flickers in the night casts a hundred shadows; and all the fires in the world can never extinguish the darkness."

Reported by N. Formation, Clan Nosferatu, Morocco.


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