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Chaotic Upheaval in Financial Sector

The Sendai Financial group announced today, in view of the attack on their holdings and parent company Fethra Corporation Ltd, that they have reviewed their plans to expand operations in Atlanta and will be pulling out of this area. This news was met with some dismay among the financial community of Atlanta as well as the Mayor's office. A city hall spokesman said "We are very sorry Sendai has made this decision. We are certain they could have brought great things to the city, and we will hate to see them leave. The Mayor has taken a special interest in this issue and has ordered a complete investigation."

Last month the multi million dollar Lotus Towers, Headquarters of the Fethra Corporation in Atlanta, was very seriously damaged in a bizarre incident which involved most of the Metro Police, and a huge force of unknown terrorist elements.

According to authorities psychotropic drugs were apparently used which caused the police forces to turn on each other and innocent bystanders. The terrorists were able to escape in the furror. Although authorities have descriptions of several of the suspects, eyewitness reports are so fantastic that they cannot be given full credence. Various witnesses reported that several of the terrorists leaped from the upper floors of the building, were shot repeatedly, yet walked away unscathed. One seriously injured guard from the facility, discovered hiding in a broom closet the following morning, claimed that certain of the terrorists used their fists to pound through the concrete and marble floors and walls, while others moved at incredible speeds and literally tore appart the other guards with vicious claws.

The APD was unable to confirm or deny these claims. Apparently the security video tapes taken from the scene were destroyed in an unusual fire at the evidence holding area before they could be reviewed.

Currently, several citizens and police officers remain hospitalized recovering from severe wounds. Additionally, no less than 40 of Atlanta's Finest as well as an undisclosed number of civilians were killed in the confrontation and its after math. This has forced the city to declare martial law and impose a stringent curfew throughout the city after dark.


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