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The Olympics Return to Atlanta

Atlanta Kindred rallied at a prominent office building and proceeded to hold their own version of the Olympics. Yes dear readers, its true! The normally reserved Kindred of Atlanta seem to have taken the opportunity to bond together by uniting in the pursuit of sport.

In a kindergarten textbook display of a 'hostile takeover' the Atlanta Ventrue put together a recreational outing that left Sabbat across the globe green with envy.

The events were many and varied. Among them were

The broad jump, where Kindred would leap from 6 stories up to the ground below.

This event was followed immediately by the 100m Fleetness dash!

The Vertical Pantomime where a particularly spry individual was scaling the outside of the building without a rope.

The Decathalon featured Kindred who were required to disable guards, burst through walls, pry open elevator shafts and climb cables.

The spirit of the games even reached out to the mortal populous who seemed oddly drawn to the area.

A particularly innovative move came near the end of the evening as the mortal spectators (SWAT, GBI, police, and other area law enforcement teams) decided to get into the fun by playing a round of Tag (the 9mm version) and 'Mortal' Combat.

Our on the scene correspondant reported that the media was indeed in attendance but oddly decided later not to print the story. That's right, absolutely none of these record breaking events made it to the News. This is strange as no Atlanta Kindred attempted to cover up the events and the source of the blocking move seems definitely to have come from outside the city. Looks like somebody big somewhere is having to take a personal interest in wiping Atlanta's egg-stained face clean. I wonder what kind of creatue would have the power and influence to accomplish that? I wonder what the rest of the cleanup squad is up to?

Until next month sports fans!

Reported by N. Formation, Clan Nosferatu, Morocco.


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