Highlights from the Last Event

June 2002

This month saw another Giovanni auction. We hear the room was packed, yet there were not many bids. Is the mortal economy catching up with kindred?

Too hot for Television? It seems a video is circulating with some of Atlanta's finest leaving little for the imagination. Editor Note: If anyone can get me a copy, I'll personally pay for a year's subscription to Embrace Atlanta. Zowser!

The Promise Keepers got a big surprise when Dr. Kyle Rickman crashed the party. It seems that the good doctor decided to take up the Seneschal's mandate. She was spotted lecturing the attendees on the benefits of matriarchy while they danced for her, and chanted "Hail Satan". One might question whether it was taken too far, when the speaker curled in a ball and cried for his mommy; yet security seemed absent. Perhaps because she brought a group of gangsters?

While on the subject of gangsters, did anyone notice that Vinnie Gravino was out of town this month? The same month a notorious crime leader dies? When contacted, Gravino family leader James Gravino replied with a "no comment".


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