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Eating Crow - June 17, 1999

Today's top story: Who says you can't have your crow and eat it too? Over the past few days several outdoor events have been besieged by crows. These strange incidents included a Shawn Mullins concert benefit for Kosovo refugees, which was shut down due to the huge influx of crows as they swarmed the stage and bombarded the crowd. At a home Braves game against the Cardinals, crows again struck havoc as they flocked to the field forcing the game to halt for over an hour. "They weren't kidding when the Cardinals said some of their relatives was coming to town" was the commentary from one announcer. The most bizarre event of late was found at Turner Field early Wednesday as the Braves were playing in Detroit for an away game. According to animal control several dozen dead crow bodies were carefully arranged about the field to spell in rather large letters. "THEY MUST DIE". Investigations into this bizarre animal slaying have yielded nothing as the nightwatchmen for Turner Field claim they neither heard nor saw anything.


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