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Mummy Dearest

Ever since ancient travelers discovered the pyramids, Western civilization has been fascinated with the Egyptian way of death. And, ever since the fascination was first evident, certain interested businessmen have been looking to make a few bucks off of suckers that are willing to google some 3000 year old stiffs. Who cares about the culture and the ritual and the society that evolved into such an unusual funerary practice? Just peddle a few trinkets and a few corpses in front of 1000 gawking tourists a day and suddenly you've got venture capital like there's no tomorrow. I wish I could get that kind of interest in a few bones and pottery scraps.

Well, just in time for summer, 83 artifacts, 9 coffins and 10 mummies are on their way from Canada's Niagara Falls museum to the Michael C Calros Museum at Emory University in that suave international city, the jewel of the South, Atlanta. Their arrival couldn't possibly be coincidental.

Reported by N. Formation, Clan Nosferatu, Morocco.


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