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Pope on a Rope

Speaking of holier-than-thou; nothing like getting back to the motherland for a few days of rest, relaxation and to make your papal stake in history. Or would that be using the papal stake to erase history? Oh, sure, John Paul got that nasty head wound from a fall and is laid up in bed with the flu. Oh, yeah, I'm ready to believe that the single most influential religious leader in the world would be allowed to trip and fall amidst a crowd of bodyguards, bishops and brown-nosers. While you're at it, sign me up for some of those cheap online auction stocks.

This convenient little two week stopover in Eastern Europe couldn't possibly have anything to do with that Balkan fiasco going on. Oh no. Nothing like passing out cups of gasoline at the family barbeque. Especially when you don't like anyone in the family.

The Kosovo crisis is coming to an end and all that's left are all those mass graves...coincidence? Sure it is. And with the pyramid huggers and the living incarnation of the Catholic church to the north, I guess any fish that slipped the nets will be slipping their way down south.

Hmmm...I wonder what's waiting for them in Turkey?

Reported by N. Formation, Clan Nosferatu, Morocco.


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