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You've got Black Vans in your Aura

Far be it from me to seem holier-than-thou, but just how is it that a fleet of 17 black, unmarked vans can make it into the city of Atlanta without anyone noticing? Anyone except for our agent on the spot, that is....

Yes, seven minutes after midnight on the evening of Tuesday, June 15th, nearly a score of black vans slunk into the city of Atlanta from four separate interstate systems, 75N, 85N, 20W and 20E. Sure they were spaced approximately half an hour apart and they were coming from separate directions, but doesn't anyone have anything better to do than watch the traffic? I guess so.

I wouldn't be too worried, they're probably just the new pizza delivery service in town.

Reported by N. Formation, Clan Nosferatu, Morocco.


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