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[This is an official ST post. No PCs were actually privy to this conversation, however, since it is being posted to the website, it may be treated as in-game information.]

The latest missive from Gaunt disappears in a flash of fire and sulfur, leaving nothing but a few white, smoldering ashes on the conference table's surface.

"Enough," Rech snarls, "No more."

"What do you have in mind?" Garm growls.

"Not what you have in mind," Rech rejoins, "There's been enough of that."

"What then?" asks Violent Bill, clearly disappointed.

"I am going to Atlanta," Rech says, "To put an end to this Kendrick thing once and for all."

"But to destroy the Cai-"

"I don't intend to destroy him. I intend to pack him off to Tanit."

"For Tanit to destroy?" Garm grumbles.

"No. For Tanit to employ. David Kendrick is an abomination, but he is a singularly ancient, powerful, and effective abomination. Let us remove him from the political scene and take him in hand." Rech idly brushes away the ashes of Gaunt's letter, "How better to control him than by keeping him under our wing? Let him kill Sabbat in New York."

"Make Kendrick an Archon?" Baskin gasps.

"In time, if he survives...why not? Bound to a Justicar, he will be effectively silenced...forever."

"And these others?" Bill asks, indicating the scorch mark on the table.

"If it isn't too late to save this Wicke and Meyer, we do so. I'll investigate the latest incident - they may well be guilty as charged. A little re-education may be in order. And I'll work up a Blood Contract for Wicke and Kendrick's To limit bloodshed and instability in this...Atlanta."

Garm grunts.

"The Kendrick-Gaunt power struggle has been a thorn in our side for several years, and I've grown tired of it. Tired of it, and tired of letters from this annoying little Aster. Gaunt I'm sending to help Young and the others. He has a vendetta against Lasombra...let him exercise that, instead of his penmanship."

Violent Bill chuckles malevolently.

"Good night, gentlemen."


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