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Where's Waldo...the Blair Witch version

Alright now here's a case of art imitating life. I'm sure all of you have heard of this Blair Witch craze. Well, all the media hype and spin-off products didn't satisfy one group of junior ghostbusters who set out to fulfill their dreams of being on MTV's new season of "The Real World: the Inbred Tapes". Anyway, five media and graphic arts students from the Art Institute of Atlanta decided to investigate a supposedly 'haunted' stretch of forest about an hour (as the Kine drives) outside of Atlanta. The kids allegedly researched an old legend regarding a 'wailing' spirit that was supposed to be responsible for multiple disappearances over the years.

(Frankly, this reporter thinks its just a hungry Gangrel but who knows).

Anyway, the kids had a good time drinking beer and stomping through the woods till one of their number fell from a tree limb. They said later that he was getting a better camera angle between you and me, Kine just do that sort of thing sometimes run up trees, I mean. Well, our brave cameraman took a plunge down a steep incline and rolled out of sight of his pals. When the would-be Spielbergs got to the bottom of the hill side (a good distance from their account) they found his camera that's it just a video camera still rolling no sign of our hero. The kids decided that if their friend wanted to play hide and seek they would just leave his happy butt right there. They headed back to their camp to wait but no word was heard from their tree hugging friend. At least, that's what they told the local constable 3 days later....

Boy, this guy disappeared faster than the plot from a Jean Claude Van Damme movie hey and if anyone finds him let him know his ol' pal N. has a job offer for him!

Reported by N. Formation, Clan Nosferatu, Morocco.


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