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Throw Another One on the Car-B-Que

Well loyal readers, it appears that the actual flames of hell have accompanied the record high temperatures in Atlanta this summer. The heat seems to have affected drivers on Atlanta freeways most of all as the metropolis has seen an odd series of accidents and incidents. Don't believe me? Well lets run down (no pun intended) a few of these quaint little items. Anyone notice how many car fires and exploding trucks Atlanta has had? It seems that nary a week goes by without some poor Kine getting char-broiled in his car or incinerated/blown to bits in an otherwise perfect tractor trailer. Why just this week a school bus stopped on I-285 and then promptly burst into flame.

All this happened in broad daylight (or so my sources tell me). Several of these fires reportedly erupted from vehicles spontaneously, or so eye witnesses alleged. These bizarre fires have now seemingly spread to two local residential homes in Atlanta as well, taking the lives of an estimated twelve local Atlanta residents. Local police and fire departments are strongly urging all Atlanta residents to have their car's proofed against overheating and their home electrical systems reviewed for proper wire insulation. I guess they don't call it "Hotlanta" for nothin'!

Reported by N. Formation, Clan Nosferatu, Morocco.


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