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Down the Drain?

"Where, oh where, have my employees gone?"

This is the tune being sung by officials at the Atlanta Department of Waste Management. With the record number of sick and personal days being taken by many of Atlanta's sewer workers, its a song most employers would understand. A quick thought for our loyal reader, why would the officials in that Department approve this many vacations knowing it would leave them sorely understaffed?  What is this weird sickness? Smells like a cover-up or it could just be whatever is piling up down there (ick!). With that in mind, who is making sure the waste of Atlanta keeps going smoothly down the drain?  Hell, the Nosferatu of Atlanta better do something soon or their oh so aromatic home will be filled with shi...oops, might have Childer reading.

Reported by N. Formation, Clan Nosferatu, Morocco.


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