Kaleb of Clan D' vorachim/Toreador, Prince of Atlanta for 9 months.

Kaleb came to Atlanta at the request of his Sire, Darius Vosh from the northeast. Kaleb took over the operations of his nightclubs here in Atlanta (Backstreet and Club Riviera to name a few). Kaleb and Darius had several joint ventures all over the world and work well together, but better apart.

Kaleb was promoted from the role of Primogen to Seneschal, then elected Prince of Atlanta. He came a long in a relatively short time.

Shortly before his demise, Kaleb learned that he was from an offshoot of Clan Toreador; a bloodline called "D'vorachim". D'vorachim is hebrew for "The Great Speakers". He learned that his bloodline started around the time of the Tower of Babel and it's creator, Nimrod. This bloodline is blessed with certain vocal abilities, hence the Great Speakers.

On the night of July 13th 2002, Kaleb's Seneschal Jonathan Crow publicly challenged Kaleb's right to be Prince of Atlanta, due to improprieties such as embezzling city funds for personal gain and consorting with the Sabbat. In response, Kaleb ordered him executed by his Sherrif and Keeper, a sentence that was carried out the same night. Outraged by the slaying of this popular Kindred and Kaleb's improprieties, the citizens of Atlanta took up arms and stormed the auditorium in a Praxis Seisure led by Antonin Artaud, Imperator of Clan Tremere. In the ensuing battle, Kaleb met final death.