Aléce Gravino

Aléce Gravino has only just recently returned to Atlanta after being on holiday for almost two years. She is the only female member of the infamous Gravino family and blood cousin to former and present Atlanta residents Angelo, Carlo, Carmine, James and Vinnie Gravino. While most of the family hail from Sicily or New York City, Aléce grew up in 18th century Venice, which was the Italian artistic centre. Fabled for its courtesans, its carnival, its endless gaiety, Venice offered visitors entertainment, pleasure, and erotic adventures. This was the city where Casanova began his career, where Goldoni wrote his comedies, and where Vivaldi composed his glorious music. Venice was also home to scores of painters, most of whom served the foreign clientele - the tourists who were attracted to its many sights and amusements. Carnival there lasted for six months of the year. People wearing masks were free to gamble in the ridotto, court their mistresses in gondolas, and devote themselves to pleasure with complete anonymity. It also attracted scores of Toreador, including Aléce's sire. She was embraced at the age of 18 and has lived an unlife of decadence ever since.

Angelo Gravino
Prince of Atlanta - Summer/Fall of 2004

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Lynessa Lawless

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Cuirithir na Sliabh
Senechal of Atlanta

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