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March 2005

[Posted 03/06/2005 by Anonymous]
Know that Anastasio Fellini is a serial murderer of children.
Know that the a vampire child roams the sewers and fills them with the blood of filthy kine

[Posted 03/08/2005 by Anonymous]
Ancient Chinese secret not so secret anymore. Perhaps you're better suited to doing the laundry of purebreds.

[Posted 03/10/2005 by Anonymous]
Some purebreds are too OLD to do laundry which is why they stink most of the time..out with the OLD laundry and in with NEW!!

[Posted 03/09/2005 by Anonymous]
Clan Brujah are movie stars now! Read all about their Silver screen debut!!!

[Posted 03/15/2005 by Anonymous]
Rumor has it that Wynn Douglas of Clan Toreador is
still roaming around free in Atlanta after being
"banished". Some say that he has been next to many
kindred since then ... even while fighting the Sabbat
north of Atlanta.

A rose by any other name, still pricks you in the butt ...

[Posted 03/15/2005 by Anonymous]
Has anyone noticed the distinct lack of a Gravino presence? Word on the street has it that thay are gathering their forces for something big.

[Posted 03/16/2005 by Anonymous]
Yeah, to pop you in the mouth for talking shit.

New! [Posted 03/27/2005 by Anonymous]
Someone seeks information on all the members of the City.
Most noticably on Cuirithir.