Charles Latimore has a reputation as the liason between the young and old within the Camarilla. Latimore's fixation with technological innovation has kept him vibrant and adaptable despite his age. This contradiction is also what keeps Charles at Ancillae Status, despite more than 2 centuries of unlife. Though little is known about his origins, Charles is rumored to have been an American colonist prior to the Revolution, and some even whisper that he was a member of the Sons of Liberty, the rebel movement that spawned the American Revolution in Boston.

Latimore's reputation now is of an efficient, creative businessman with killer instincts, and cutting edge knowledge that make him an invaluable asset to whatever group he sponsors. He claims that he is most recently from Seattle, and allegedly has controlling interests in Boeing, Microsoft, and Starbucks. His move to Atlanta appears to have something to do with his friendship with the former Elder, Tobian Kai, but there is only speculation as to what his purpose actually is.

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