Molo and the Coyotes
by Matt S Grant

[OOG:Original character names are TM of Luxoflux. No infringement intended.]

CIA file # 10326-KCO
COYOTES - Felony,Group/Z-3364

Group name: The COYOTES
Group affiliation: no Sabbat or Camarilla ties
Group founder:Syd Burn (?) - Malkavian - Pyrotechinical Expert
]:The supposed leader of the Coyotes has a checkered past with BOTH Camarilla and Sabbat factions, and is known for his... ahem, EXPRESSIVE Pyromania. Crazy and charasmatic, Burn's unpredictable tactics have blown many opponents out of the proverbial water. A mad tactician who, at best, could bring ANY sound city to it's knees.

Group roll call:

~Loki (Strago Von Burich) - Brujah - Weapons Expert - MISSING
]:A call for Loki means a call to arms; FIREarms, that is. Loki is nearly UNMATCHED with any kind of weapon. Regardless of usage, distance, or even damage capability. A little loopy from his many years in the 'service', Loki is still as good as his aim. And his aim is VERY good...

~Houston 3 (?) - Caitiff - Head Scout - REFORMED
]:A silent partner from the beginning, Houston has been siding with the Coyotes for better or worse. Seen around town just before a concentrated attack by Burn & Co., Houston has been compared to the 'angel of death' that flies over a battlefield, claiming souls. Feared by intelligent Kindred everywhere, Houston 3 is a force to be reckoned with.

~Boogie (Richard Tassle III) - Ventrue - Information Broker - ACTIVE
]:On first look, Boogie appears to be a Disco Nightmare, but that's only on the dance floor. Boogie, in fact, is the greasy wheel that protects and saves the Coyotes from reprisals, jibes, and blood hunts. The calm, cool manner in which he explains the situation, combined with his diplomatic charm, makes all seem better, and the world turns on, despite the Coyotes' rampages.

~Molo (Vincent Pesto) - Gangrel - Aquisitions - ACTIVE
]:The youngest founder, Molo's rebellious attitude is a trademark of the Coyote way of living. With his head-first approach, his blunt-seeming attitude, and his street knowledge, he becomes more of a threat than most Kindred even realize. Although working as a group is second nature to him, Molo works best when he's alone... causing those to wonder where the REST of them are...

~Beezwax (Harold Guiessweite) - Nosferatu - Ritualist - MISSING
]:The eldest and most devious of the Coyotes, Beezwax was the hidden link to the magickal properties of the Coyotes' weapons & vehicles. With his library of rare and deadly spells, he made the Tremere look like a joke unto themselves. Extensive threads of power run from the entire occult world, leading back to his twisted, yet able fingers.

~Nina Loco (Anita Logruss) - Brujah - Demolitions - ACTIVE
]:A recent addition, Nina Loco shows the courage to lead an army... or, in this case, a strike force. Tenacious and stubborn, Nina will always find the best way to ANY man's heart... through an explosive-charred ribcage. Sly as a fox, and twice as attractive, Nina Loco clearly takes the position of 'wild child' of the Coyote pack.

~Dallas 13 (Jesse ?) - Caitiff - Assassin - ACTIVE
]:Supposedly a childe of Houston's, the Kindred known only as 'Jesse' has been following his trainig as planned... and it shows. The caliber of force shown by this impressively tall figure is astounding. Lately, more & more has been seen of this new face... but, it seems as if he has yet to prove his worth. Time will tell if Dallas is as effective as he may be feared to be.

~Lord Clyde (Clyde DeMarris) - Toreador - Second In Command - ACTIVE
]:Devious, crafty, and spiteful... that's the general agreement of all the Coyotes on "Lord" Clyde's personality. Through and through, it proves obvious that Clyde would be the Coyote in charge... except for Syd. At any rate, jealous or not, Clyde works well as an informer, a back-up supplier, more muscle, and even as a strike force leader, at times. However, it is obvious that egomaniacal Clyde will try for the 'Head of the Table', at any chance. This could be the Coyotes' weak link... or, perhaps, it's strongest.

~(Unnamed Escort) - (?) - Bodyguard for L. Clyde - ACTIVE (?)
]:A mysterious figure, sighted recently in Lord Cyde's company, has been fingered as an accomplice to many of the recent crimes performed by the Coyotes, and is wanted for questioning.

Group History:
]:In 1968, a Malkavian pyromaniac named Syd Burn met with several other 'partners' in a casino in Las Vegas, NV. Their goal: to unify against the government of America, cause rebellion, and start the downfall of the National economy as we knew it then. This group consisted of a trigger-happy Brujah (Loki), a young Gangrel malcontent (Molo), a spiteful old Nosferatu geezer (Beezwax), a soft-spoken, yet powerful Ventrue Disco King (Boogie), and an enigmatic Caitiff of questionable origin (Houston 3).

With much debate, Syd Burn rallied under a different cause; the almighty dollar. This brought the idea of the group into focus, and with the plan of doing government dirty work to help the American Congress fall into it's own shit, The Coyotes were formed.

Most of 1968's remaining months were spent gathering supplies and vehicles for the 'cause'. By the time Woodstock was being put together, the Coyotes were mobile, and each with their own tricks installed into their respective sleeves. And so, under Syd's command, the Coyotes officially rolled onto the streets on June 17th, 1969.

]:The next four years saw the rise of Burn's gang to a status of 'Felony Criminals', yet they were into so much government hoo-ha that the Coyotes were secretly Congressional heroes. But, the plan was working too well; the 'system' was on a downhill slope, and soon, the exorbitant pay required to keep the Coyotes on the Government payroll was impossible to pay.

This was what Syd wanted. Acting surprised and infuriated, Syd began to loot towns and destroy any gas & oil stations along the way. This was the beginning of the final surgical strike Syd had planned for... the end to America's 'golden age'...

... but, he hadn't planned on resistance.

]:May 18th, 1975. The Hoover Dam was one of the last targets on the Coyotes' list. After this, the end would be swift. Burn's bombs were in place, and the police were helpless. Finally, Syd reflected, THIS would be the one TRUE prank of pranks...

But, Syd was mistaken. Over the horizon, a group of locals came roaring through the light fog, machine guns blazing and rockets firing. A King Cab, a Cadillac, a dune buggy, and a Dodge truck, covered with weaponry, drove down upon the totally surprised gang. Even with superior numbers, the Coyotes were driven out of dentonation range, and the Dam was saved.... all by a bunch of Vigilantes.

This was bad medicine for Syd, and the Coyotes as a whole were shaken by the mere thought of a superior force to them. Syd was furious, and ordered destruction on a nationwide scale. The Coyotes all went to different corners of the country, looking to score the ultimate 'bang', for Syd and themselves.

But, at every turn, these 'Vigilantes' were right behind them. Each attack earned defeat, and each defeat made Syd more & more mad for revenge. It looked like the end to the Coyotes' little run, once and for all.

Syd, though, had a crazy plan... and, for a Malkavian, it wasn't half-bad.

]:The letter found the 'leader' of the Vigilantes, and on November 13th, 1975, Syd met face-to-face with his nemesis: the tough old trucker who only introduced himself as 'Convoy'. The two met for 'negotiations', as Syd's letter read, but Syd was fully intent on killing the old fart.

Convoy, though, had an ace up his sleeve as well... he, too, was of Kindred blood, and when Syd revealed his true nature, so did he. The battle began on foot, but eventually became a rip-roaring demolition derby, with Syd as target practice.

With wily driving skills in full swing, the madman led the trucker into a hollowed-out cavern, where the most incredible war on wheels took place. Syd's plan was almost perfect: all he had to do was shake the geezer, head out of the tunnel, and have Loki dentonate the well-placed explosives at the mouth of the cave, trapping Convoy under tons of rock & dirt.

ALMOST perfect. You see, being a little loopy, Loki couldn't wait to blow up the cave... and, completely by accident, triggers the bombs. The cave collapsed in onto itself, seemingly sealing BOTH group leaders inside the mountain. Somehow, Convoy found an exit, and was rescued from the deep cavern by his own teammates.

Syd, on the other hand, did NOT escape the cave-in. After two months of excavation, all that the Coyotes ever found of their esteemed leader was his crushed 1969 Manta. With nobody to lead them, the Coyotes eventually spread to the four winds by early 1976, despite the attempts by Molo and Boogie to keep the group together.

]:The group remained out of circulation until late 1977, when they were all summoned to a small motel in a dusty Arizona town by a man who none of them knew. Suspicious, yet curious, the old gang of Coyotes headed to the location, one by one.

Of course, some things had changed; Beezwax hadn't been seen since the raid on the Los Angeles Sewer System earlier that year, and Boogie no longer held his esteemed position within the Camarilla. Also, Loki had been taken away by some Sabbat recruiters in late August. But, not all was bad; Houston's childe, the stalwart Dallas 13, had shown up in her place, ready to fight. A young upstart, Nina Loco, was attracted to the scene, and wanted a cut in the deal. And, of course, young Molo was there, his new prison bus at the ready.

The meeting was intruded upon by an older man, ready for retirement, it seemed... but, there was something familiar about him. In time, the gentleman introduced himself as 'Lord Clyde of Clan Toreador'. He wanted to orchestrate the 'new & more vicious' Coyotes, as well as continue the 'ultimate scam' of destroying the U.S. Government, as per the missing Syd Burn's plan. With hopes of Hell on Earth held high, the Coyotes were reborn.

Molo, leading Dallas & Nina Loco, headed to California. There, he destroyed the San Fransisco arm of Pentex, Inc., and left dozens of gas stations and rest areas in flames. Meanwhile, the newly appointed Lord Clyde traveled to Texas, in search of the gallant freedom-fighter, Convoy. With the help of Clyde's mysterious bodyguard, Boogie bombed Convoy's haven. Returning to Arizona, the group of three ran into some of the old Vigilantes, but this time, Clyde was ready where Syd was not. With superior firepower and vehicular guerilla tactics, Clyde held-off the onslaught with no trouble, earning him the Coyotes' respect. This, they thought amongst themselves, was a LEADER.

Too bad they didn't expect treachery... or, they might have had a chance.

]:Houston 3's vehicle was spotted near the Hazard Motel, the Coyotes' base of operations. When Clyde found out she had returned, he was OVERJOYED! This meant the last peice of the Coyote puzzle could be put together, and the picture would be clear. Lord Clyde rushed to meet Houston...

... a little too fast. At that moment, Houston honked her horn, and the other Vigilantes, old faces with new, came from every direction. Clyde had been duped, and it was going to cost him his life - but, not without a fight. Clyde and the other Coyotes turned into war monsters, giving all they could to keep the enemy at bay. With his escape, Lord Clyde vowed to put an end to the Vigilante group, once and for all.

The next seven months were a personal Hell for the Coyotes. Not only did they have those damned Vigilantes at each & every turn to worry about, but Lord Clyde was becoming more & more demanding and tyrannical. Nina Loco was pushed to her limits, Boogie became the group's 'gopher' by 'lowering his standards' and going undercover as a cop, Dallas was blamed by Clyde for Houston's betrayal, and Molo was overworked constantly, repairing the group's vehicles at EVERY stop. The Coyotes were being had by Clyde, and they were getting quite restless...

]:Lord Clyde and the ragged, weary Coyotes eventually holed up in an abandoned steel mill in Pennslyvania. Clyde took this time to ponder, and the others tried to take in some R&R... but, the jerk wasn't done with them yet.

Clyde sent Molo to Missouri (to destroy an oil refinery), Boogie to Louisiana (to set fire to Baton Rouge), Dallas to Florida (to foul-up the NASA Program), and Nina Loco to the Border (for more weapons). This set the Coyotes off & running... just like Clyde had planned.

In actuality, Clyde was a rip-off artist. He had been one of the Vigilantes to begin with (in his Dodge truck), but had been aged & refigured by Beezwax, prior to the Coyotes' first defeat. Angry at the loss of his manly look, and pissed at being 'let go' by Convoy as a 'liability', Clyde had wanted TOO MUCH revenge. Now, he'd have it on the bastards that got him into this mess to begin with: THE COYOTES. If they hadn't started their shit to begin with, Clyde wouldn't have gotten involved in the FIRST war.

Clyde took the entire stash of loot the Coyotes had stolen over the past few years, a total in excess of $25,000, and ran for it. His trusty bodyguard in tow, Clyde got as far as Baja California...

... before someone caught up with him.

]:Sitting in a run-down bar in Baja California's wastelands, Clyde thought he had gotten away scot-free. It had been months, and now the year 1979 was looking promising... especially with his small fortune at his side, watched by the wary eye of his bodyguard. It seemed like things would be just peachy for the Toreador, and that things would turn around soon... and they did.

When the door opened, the last person Lord Clyde expected to see was young, scrappy Molo. Storming over to the table, Molo was close to frenzy. Rabid, Molo threw accusations at the former Coyote leader, swearing him up one side & down the other for his little trick. But, Clyde was smarter; he made a bargain with the punk to bring the Coyotes BACK together AGAIN, but for the full extent of the 80's... and on, to wherever it would lead. Clyde spun a thousand different stories, full of promise and riches...

... and Molo told him he was full of shit. Before a fight could begin, though, a messenger bolted to the table, pressed a letter into Molo's hands, and begged him to read it. Molo, still quite agitated, opened the letter and read. His face lit up, and he tossed a WIDE grin at Clyde.

"Th' BOSS... wants ta see me... and YOU, Shithead." Molo uttered. Clyde was scared stiff; THE Boss? That could only be...

]:April 1st, 1996. Outside the Sewage Treatment plant in Athens, Georgia, a man was spotted running from the main building like a madman, laughing hysterically. The next moment, the entire plant was in flames, billowing up to 10 stories high. The figure in question ran to a nearby parked Corvette, newly purchased and emblazoned with flames flying back from the hood. Before the man's head disappeared into the car, he shouted "Dust to dust... and ashes... to ASHES!!!!!"

This marked a new beginning. Fifteen years in the planning, and now the effort was applied. It was definate, this time, that there was to be a destruction grander than all the rest...

... the COYOTES were back in town. And now, they are nearly unstoppable.

_Condition regardless
_Security Level #665-N9A



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